Analyze the mobile scene

Before we even set about making a mobile marketing strategy for your business, we take a look at your competitors, your values, products and the message you want to send. We seek to understand:

  • What kind of customers you are targeting
  • How well they respond to mobile marketing including web ads, etc.
  • Which platforms to focus on most, such as social media, native apps, mobile web apps, etc.

By working closely with you, our creative and marketing experts at Media Conversion are able to create a very coherent strategy. This will make your brand more and more visible to users of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

In-app marketing 

Marketing your products with in-apps on all the major platforms will help you reach a very wide, yet specific audience. You can get more attention from customers through in-app marketing because:

  • You know whether they are interested in your products based on the apps they use or not
  • You can get greater response from them taking into account, their previous interaction with your ads

We provide you with a great way to monetize your apps and also third party apps with a powerful app marketing strategy developed by our experts.

Mobile Analytics

We are equipped with latest Mobile Analytics Tools and Software to assist our campaigns with real time data of ad performance. Campaigns by Media Conversion offer a single channel access to information. Our customized Programmatic ad platforms enable to get handy data on

  • Number of active ads on a given time

  • Real Time Impressions and Conversion rates

  • Response from targeted Customers

  • Expense and Returns on Ad campaigns

We get you an au courant platform to boost ad campaigns throughout devices.

Mobile Targeted Video Campaign

Improve your mobile app store ranking and attract more downloaders simply by customizing targets, ads and keywords based on your app ID. Track your conversion rates through the number of installs that will boost your mobile campaigns across all portable devices.